Your Preferred Dentist Near Cedar Park

Patients seeking dental services near Cedar Park should visit Prime Dental of Liberty Hill. We have a skilled team to handle all your dental care needs. Our office has modern equipment to provide you with effective diagnoses and treatments. We want to make sure that your oral health remains in an excellent state.

General Dental Care

We provide general dental care including the application of sealants, oral exams and cleanings, dental fillings, and extractions. Additionally, we do partials and full dentures depending on your needs. Alternatively, we can provide dental implants and bridges to our patients.

Emergency Dentistry

If your tooth gets knocked out or you have a tooth abscess, it is paramount you get prompt dental care. Our dental emergency team will work on these and other issues requiring immediate care to that we alleviate pain. Those with broken orthodontics can also come to us for repair.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether it is veneer placement, teeth whitening, or bonding, we provide these services at our dental office. You can choose from in-office whitening that produces instant results or consider whitening at home with a take-home whitening system that we customized for your specific whitening needs. Contact us now for a consultation appointment.

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