General & Emergency Dentist Near Marble Falls

When a dental issue arises, such as toothache, decay, gum disease, or tooth fractures and chippings, we can help you restore your bite’s function and health. Our dental office near Marble Falls prides itself on having modern equipment for comprehensive dental care. Our dental services include:

General Dentistry: We pay attention to preventive care since it is the foundation of your oral health. We use tooth sealants to encase the enamel, so it does not get a cavity. We also perform root canals for intensively damaged teeth pulp. Our dental fillings will also help protect a moderately decayed tooth. Additionally, we conduct simple and surgical extractions.

Emergency Dentistry: Many patients who face dental emergencies come to our office for immediate care. We provide relief from broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, and tooth abscesses.

Cosmetic Dentistry: We know that you love having a beautiful smile. We offer cosmetic dental care, including whitening teeth or placing veneers and bonding. We can do veneers or bonding for badly stained teeth that cannot respond to whitening. Besides, bonding and veneers also help with chipped and cracked teeth.

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