How Long Does a Root Canal Last Without a Crown

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How Long Does a Root Canal Last Without a Crown

July 1, 2022

After a root canal procedure, your tooth has a better chance of survival if a dental crown is placed. So if you are exploring your options and are wondering if a crown is necessary, that should probably answer your question. A root canal is a dental procedure used to save one’s tooth by only removing the infected part. However, the process can affect your tooth’s strength by weakening it. Because of this, a dental crown will be required to provide support to the treated tooth.

​How Long Does a Root Canal Last Without a Crown?

Our dentist in Liberty Hill advises one to have a crown placed on their tooth as soon as the discomfort from the root canal subsides. The longer one goes without the crown, the higher chance of the tooth breaking. An investment is lost when a tooth breaks because you didn’t get the crown soon enough.

The period between your root canal treatment and the crown appointment is where you need to handle the affected tooth delicately. Ensure that your diet doesn’t consist of hard foods until you have that crown. Once you have that crown, virtually, you don’t have to worry about fracturing.

During the crown placement procedure, expect no discomfort. The nerves will have been removed during the root canal treatment. Make sure you follow the after-care instructions given by your dentist and continue with your regular oral hygiene.

​What Are The Benefits of Getting a Crown After a Root Canal?

Getting a dental crown on your tooth after a root canal will increase its lifespan. In addition, a crown will protect your tooth from damage caused by chewing. Below we have discussed the benefits of getting a crown after a root canal in Liberty Hill.

Reduces Tooth Sensitivity

It is normal to experience some sensitivity or mild discomfort during the treatment. This is because, during the treatment’s cleaning process, a hole has to be drilled into the tooth. Due to this, some nerves in your tooth may be more sensitive to heat and cold. Dental crowns can be used after root canal treatment to reduce and prevent sensitivity in the long term. However, remember that you may still be sensitive to temperature changes the following few days after crown placement.

Prevents Infection

After a root canal treatment, your damaged tooth can be contaminated or infected. Having your tooth sealed with a crown will prevent bacteria penetration or contamination. Discuss with your dentist to ensure that the crown best fits your gums. This prevents the bacteria from infiltrating into the tooth.

The Crown Will Restore a Weak Tooth

Depending on the extent of the tooth infection, some root canal procedures may make your tooth weaken. At Prime Dental of Liberty Hill, we will recommend dental crowns as an option to restore your tooth. Dental crowns support your tooth by keeping the fragments of your tooth together. They prevent your tooth from chipping or falling apart.

Helps in Regaining Your Tooth’s Natural Appearance

When the dentist is done with the root canal procedure, your tooth will have changed its shape. Dental crowns are custom-made to resemble your natural teeth. They can transform your teeth from a discolored appearance to a brighter shade.

Protects the Tooth From Bruxism

The constant habit of grinding or clenching teeth is known as bruxism. People who suffer from this condition will need a dental crown after root canal treatment. This is because the root canal weakens the tooth, and this can cause the tooth to weaken from pressure applied due to bruxism. If bruxism can weaken a healthy tooth, you can imagine what it will do to a weak one.

Crowns Act as Back-Up Security

A tooth with a significant history of tooth decay shouldn’t be restored using a dental filling. While fillings provide protection, they will not offer enough to a vulnerable tooth. If you have a tooth with a dental filling that suffered extensive decay or cracked before the root canal, it should be restored with a dental crown.

It’s crucial to receive a dental crown after a root canal procedure. Book an appointment with our dental office near you to learn more about dental crowns and root canals.

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