Is It Safe to Drink Coffee after Wisdom Teeth Removal? We Asked the Pros

Is It Safe to Drink Coffee after Wisdom Teeth Removal? We Asked the Pros

February 1, 2023

Undergoing wisdom teeth extraction surgery appears frightening to most because they must undergo surgery. However, you may be aware that the teeth removal will impact your daily life, and inquire with the Liberty Hill dental clinic about how you must manage your mouth after the procedure.

The wisdom teeth removal procedure is straightforward and doesn’t involve challenges. In addition, the process will likely not cause any pain or make you anxious because dentists take the precautions necessary to numb your mouth and even provide sedation if you are anxious about the process.

Unless you have an impacted wisdom tooth needing surgery for the removal, visible wisdom teeth are extracted in a simple procedure lasting around 35 minutes. After removing your wisdom teeth, you may think the stress from the process has left you exhausted to have a coffee soon after leaving the dentist’s office. However, we advise against having coffee or alcoholic beverages immediately following wisdom teeth extraction. We will provide the reasons why you mustn’t consider drinking coffee for at least 48 hours until after the wisdom teeth removal surgery. Please continue reading this article for more information on why you must refrain from having coffee after getting your teeth extracted.

Can I Drink Coffee after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

You are justified to wonder whether you can have coffee after wisdom teeth removal. However, your dentist suggests not drinking coffee for the initial two days after removing your wisdom teeth. If you wonder why the dentist restricts you as you only have your favorite beverage, it helps if you understand caffeine can hamper healing. The dentist suggests not to have coffee for about a week until you have recovered from the surgical procedure.

We provide further details from the pros, breaking down how soon you can start having your favorite beverages and why it is beneficial to cut back on caffeine after removing your wisdom teeth.

The pros also suggest you get precise instructions from your oral surgeon on your recovery after removing your problematic teeth.

Why Must You Refrain from Having Coffee after Getting Your Third Molars Extracted?

Dentists recommend not drinking coffee after getting your third molars extracted because caffeine impacts blood clot formation in the surgical site to give you a dry socket. A dry socket ensures it hampers your healing besides causing other long-term problems.

There are many reasons why you should avoid coffee following wisdom teeth extraction or any oral procedure.

Caffeine interacts with the painkillers you receive to alleviate pain after surgery, making it beneficial to ask your oral surgeon how the pain relievers might interact with what you digest.

After removing your wisdom teeth, you must refrain from drinking hot beverages that can also dislodge the blood clot resulting in a dry socket. In addition, drinking hot coffee immediately after your oral surgery can leave you with gum inflammation, besides preventing blood clot formation. The high temperature of the coffee can also burn your throat because your mouth remains numb from the anesthesia for at least four to six hours.

Having coffee after wisdom teeth removal makes it essential to scrub your teeth harder to cause injuries in your mouth. Even trying to have a cup of iced coffee using straws can help dislodge the blood clot leaving you with immense pain.

Dry Sockets Explained

A dry socket occurs when the surgical site dries out and doesn’t recover as expected because of the lack of blood clot formation. The nerve endings become irritated in the socket and are exposed to hamper the healing process. Dry sockets are painful and need immediate treatment soon as you experience the symptoms. Dry sockets can worsen your condition, making it essential for you to rush to an emergency dentist for treatment.

How long after tooth extraction Can I Drink Coffee?

The dry socket in the surgical site requires at least 72 hours to heal, making it essential for you to refrain from consuming beverages like coffee and alcohol and even using mouthwash after brushing your teeth. Therefore you mustn’t drink coffee until you are confident the liquid will not impact your healing. Recovering from wisdom teeth removal surgery requires at least a week or ten days, depending on how many teeth need removal. The tooth extractions in Liberty Hill, TX, suggest refraining from drinking coffee for at least a week until you have recovered.

Besides avoiding coffee, dentists recommend not having alcohol, Tobacco, cold brews, and iced coffee. Therefore if you intend to recover quickly after going through an intensive procedure, you must remain away from caffeinated beverages until you have healed entirely.

The pros suggest drinking coffee after getting wisdom teeth removed is not a wise decision because it can delay your article besides causing complications in the mouth that need additional treatments.

Prime Dental of Liberty Hill performs many wisdom teeth extraction procedures on patients advising them on the care they must take after getting their teeth extracted. Consult them for wisdom teeth removal to ensure you recover quickly without indulging in harmful habits like drinking coffee soon after the procedure.

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