Dental Bridges in Liberty Hill, TX

Custom-fit dental bridges can restore your smile and look by sealing unsightly gaps in the dental arch.  Missing teeth not only disfigure your smile but also disrupt chewing functionalities. If left untreated, gapped dentition may result in bite problems, affect the facial structure or lead to shifting of teeth.

Patients struggling with a gapped smile can choose from our personalized range of restorations. You may need to schedule more than one appointment with our trained dentist near you to get a dental bridge.

First Bridge Consultation at Prime Dental of Liberty Hill

Dr. Priyanka Agrawal will first evaluate your teeth to assess the size, shape, location, and number of teeth to be replaced. After administering suitable anesthesia, we will remove a small portion of tooth enamel to make room for the dental bridge. Our skilled dentist will take precise impressions of the shaved-down tooth or teeth, and this serves as a model from which the dental lab will fabricate the crowns, pontics, and bridge.

We will fasten a temporary bridge on the exposed gums and prepped teeth while waiting for the permanent bridges in Liberty Hill, TX.

What Happens During the Second Dental Bridge Appointment?

Once the dental bridge is ready, we will carefully remove the temporary one and fasten the metal or porcelain bridge, adjusting for fit and comfort as necessary. Patients may need to schedule follow-up visits at Prime Dental of Liberty Hill so that our experienced dentist in Liberty Hill, TX can check the bite.

It may take a few days for your tongue and cheek muscles to adjust to the dental bridge.

Are Fixed Dental Bridges Right for You?

In case of fixed dental bridges near you, we may fasten the bridge with temporary cement until the patient feels comfortable. The dentist will then use a strong adhesive to cement the bridge in place.

Implant-supported bridges are more durable, sturdy, and offer superior performance compared to traditional bridges. Patients need not be nervous about tooth decay forming under the bridge as implants are made of titanium metal.

If you’re looking to restore an incomplete smile, please book a consultation with Dr. Priyanka Agrawal for an evaluation.

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