Dental Exams and Cleanings in Liberty Hill, TX

To keep your smile in mint condition at all times, please visit Prime Dental of Liberty Hill for exams and cleanings every six months. Our experienced dentist near you uses advanced equipment to detect problems early before they worsen into emergencies.

Prevent Dental Problems Before They Start

Visiting your dentist in Liberty Hill, TX for exams and cleanings near you can:

  • Prevent complications from arising due to untreated decay and expanding cavities
  • Save your time and money by reducing the need for costly and complicated dental procedures
  • Help you enjoy lasting oral and overall health
  • Prevent bad breath and give you a sparkling smile

What Happens During Exams?

Exams and cleanings in Liberty Hill, TX begin with a visual exam of your teeth, gums, lips, jaws, face, and neck. Dr. Priyanka Agrawal may use diagnostic x-rays to detect hidden decay lurking between your teeth or under the gum line.

Our skilled dentist will then check your gums for swelling, redness, soreness, or bleeding to screen for gum disease. Untreated gum disease can spread to the tooth roots and attack surrounding bone, causing teeth to become unstable and loose.

Oral cancer screening takes about 10 to 15 minutes and involves checking for lesions, patches, and abnormalities inside the cheeks, under the tongue, and on the roof and floor of your oral cavity. Early oral cancer detection plays a crucial role in successful treatment. If you’re at higher risk of oral cancer, please contact Prime Dental of Liberty Hill for regular oral cancer screening.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Once your exam is complete, our experienced hygienist will start the in-office teeth cleaning process. We will take a closer look at your teeth and gums to check for decay and plaque before scaling away stubborn oral plaque and tartar. Our hygienist uses manual and ultrasonic scaling tools to remove deposits and polishes your teeth using special, gritty toothpaste. We will also floss your teeth to remove any trapped food debris. Dental cleanings help eliminate bad breath-causing bacteria that hide between teeth and at the gum line.

To enjoy continued oral health, please call Dr. Priyanka Agrawal to schedule an appointment at a convenient time.

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