Partials and Full Dentures in Liberty Hill, TX

Are you scheduled for tooth extraction, or have you lost a tooth due to decay, aging, or injury? If so, our trained dentist near you can complete your smile with a range of custom-fit restorations, including crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges, implants, partials, and full dentures in Liberty Hill, TX.

Effects of Permanent Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can result in a number of physical and emotional effects. Even a single dislodged tooth can cause:

  • Your jawbone to deteriorate
  • Facial structure to sag
  • Adjacent teeth to shift into the gap
  • Bite problems
  • Increased risks of gum disease and decay as food particles will tend to get trapped in the space

Tooth loss can also make a great difference to your appearance and make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious. The good news is, Dr. Priyanka Agrawal can restore your smile, regardless of the number and location of the missing teeth. After an advanced and accurate dental evaluation, our skilled dentist in Liberty Hill, TX will help you determine the best restoration for your needs.

What Happens If You Choose Partials?

Contrary to popular belief, partials are not always worn by the elderly alone. Many younger patients who have lost teeth due to accidents, trauma, or tooth decay wear partials to complete their smiles.

Partials are especially suitable for patients who are missing just one tooth or more teeth in different parts of the oral cavity. For example, our experienced dentist at Prime Dental of Liberty Hill may place partials if you have lost two teeth, one in the upper and the other in the lower arch. They are easy to maintain and clean and can last for several years with care.

Benefits of Full Set Dentures

Full dentures are an ideal choice for those who have lost multiple teeth in the upper or lower jaw or full sets of teeth. Once you receive your full set dentures from Dr. Priyanka Agrawal, you can expect to enjoy an improved bite, more social confidence, and better ability to eat a wider range of foods.

Please call Prime Dental of Liberty Hill today to learn more about the advantages of partials and dentures near you.

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